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COST:  $40 per session

TIME LENGTH: 1 hour per session



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Are you tired of being outrun on the field?
Do you want to win more 50/50 balls?

Are you tired of feeling like you can’t finish the last 10 minutes of a game?

Are you constantly afraid of getting injured or re-injured?

Do you want to learn the training it takes to be a better player beyond the ball?


Join Us! Let's Train!

Let's build strength, confidence, and improve performance together!


  • Ablaze Performance Training focuses on improving athletes' endurance, speed, agility, power, mobility, and coordination.  

  • The goal is to ignite enthusiasm and laughter in your athlete while fitness training!

  • Participating in small group performance training is a great way for young athletes to release energy while learning basic fitness skills.

  • Athletes will learn proper form, body awareness and control, and injury prevention techniques to enhance their overall athletic performance and development.

  • Every training session involves progression for slow and safe improvement, repetition for muscle memory, comfort for each skill level, and encouragement for building confidence.


  • Anyone who wants to improve their sport performance and get to their next level. 

  • Athletes who want to stay in shape out of season or keep improving in-season.  

  • By using exercises that are helpful to everyday movement, performance and functional training can benefit anyone! 

What does it TAKE to be a soccer player?

  • High levels of cardiovascular and muscle endurance

  • Quick acceleration, deceleration, and change of direction

  • Strength to win balls and fight off defenders

  • Speed with balance to stay on your feet

  • Hip mobility and lateral movements

  • Confidence

  • Quick thinking


What are the RISKS of being a soccer player?

  • Contact injuries

  • Overuse injuries

  • Injuries from weak, tight, or untrained muscles

  • Guilty of being awesome



  • Ankle sprains

  • Torn ankle ligaments

  • Torn ACL

  • Knee cartilage damage

  • Strained or pulled leg muscles

  • Overuse injuries: Shin splints and achilles tendinitis 

Why is PERFORMANCE TRAINING beneficial for soccer players?

  • Strengthening your core and both upper and lower body muscles will help players enhance performance and prevent injuries.  

  • Plyometric exercises will be used to help increase power and safe landing techniques. 

  • Performing balance and mobility exercises will also be used to improve speed, agility, and coordination.  

  • Players will build confidence while having fun!

How do you get desired results of PERFORMANCE TRAINING?

  • Consistency! 

  • Focus!

  • Determination!

  • Healthy diet and sleep schedule!

  • Proper hydration and recovery!


Is strength and agility training safe for kids??

  • YES!  As long as training is age appropriate, has slow progressions, taught use of correct form, and monitored with corrective guidance.  Strength and agility training decreases chances of injury and helps with recovery.  Repetition for muscle memory, progression for improvement, comfort for each skill level, guided discovery for active learning, and encouragement for confidence.


*Focus on your soft landing.

*Lower your center of gravity during deceleration. 

*Knees never forward over feet during squats and lunges.

*Keep abs tight during core and balance exercises, such as planks, birddogs, push ups, etc.

*Be aware of which muscles you feel fire up when performing each exercise.

*Utilize your upper body and core when starting to feel loss of balance.

*Soccer players often have tight hamstrings, be sure to warm up and stretch them!

*Better mobility in hip flexors puts less strain on your knees.

*Focus on posture, keep chin and chest up, open lungs, push forward, strengthen arm swing motion = stronger and more effective running.

*Recover with static stretching, foam rolling, and belly breathing.

*Make the biggest deal out of the smallest positive!


Interested in a 1 hour private session or a small group session?

Email for more information.

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